Maternity & Newborn

Maternity & Newborn Photographer Serving the Greater St Louis and Southern Illinois Regions

Being a parent is a crazy roller coaster. It's exciting! It's scary. It's wonderful! It's messy. And in those first months; it's a blur. Pregnancy is really just a little blip, and then suddenly, there is a little, tiny human that you created and depends totally on you in your arms. Those little toes, little button noses, squishy cheeks, and sweet little lashes...

The amount they grow in even just the first two weeks is just mind blowing, which is why I like to do newborn sessions within the first 14 days.

(The image above is a composite. I love doing creative shots, but safety is an absolute priority!!)

Milk Bath

This is a styled session. I provide flowers and I have lace dresses for use, which are cleaned between uses, of course! I love the creativeness of these and making beautiful artwork to commemorate your pregnancy. This session includes hair and makeup.


I love to do both styled or lifestyle sessions; they are both magical in their own ways. For styled sessions, I have some maternity gowns in my studio wardrobe for use. (These are cleaned between sessions!) If you have a gown that you are dying to use for your session that I don't have, I will give a product credit in exchange for the dress becoming part of my studio wardrobe! This session also includes hair and makeup.

Fresh 48

Those first 48 hours are an absolute blur. I personally barely remember my first moments with my babies. It's hard to remember to take photos of that time; all you want to do is sleep and stare at that little person that suddenly is a real part of your life. (Oh - and eat all of the food...)


I've thought about narrowing down my offering here to lifestyle or posed, but I just can't. I enjoy the creative aspect of putting together set-ups for posed sessions, but those sweet little real life moments - those really pull at my heart strings.