About Me

Because I'm a mama to four amazing, challenging, messy, strong-willed, creative kids, I know what it's like to try to wrangle in some chaos. Add the fact that my husband and I were crazy and decided that having kids every twenty-two months (it sounded like it would be a good idea - built in friends, right?) to having to move every two-three years with the military (if you're part of the community, you know you can never count on anything until it happens), and you've got a photographer who has learned a good deal of patience and ability to go with the flow.

I feel like, and I know this is cliche but, my kids' early years have gone by in a blur - in part because they are so close and in part because babies and toddlers and just kids in general grow so quickly and move so quickly that you really do feel like you blink and they've gone from baby to pre-teen and you don't know how or when it happened! Being a visual person, I clung to photography as a way of recording their little toes, chubby baby cheeks, and those long eyelashes that just melt my heart. Photographing these things for other mamas seemed only natural.